Caring for Your Feet

Keep Your Feet Pain-Free All Summer

When it comes to foot pain, the most important thing to remember is that it isn't random. There is always a clear reason for your discomfort. This is especially the case during the summer. There are a number of poor habits that only increase your chances of discomfort. Make sure you know what these risks are to keep your feet comfortable all summer long.

Poor Support

Summer is all about being casual, which generally means more flip-flops. If you spend most days wearing these types of shoes and you often deal with foot pain, poor support is likely the problem. The issue with flip-flops is that they are basically the same as walking on the ground.

This in turn puts extra pressure on your heel and arch. For some people, this can lead to minor discomfort and for others, it can produce an injury known as plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of the foot. As relaxing as they might be, it is not healthy to wear flip-flops every day.


The average person recognizes the importance of applying sunscreen when heading outside during the summer. However, for some reason, the feet often get overlooked. Sunburn on your feet can also be very painful given just how much you use your feet. Make it a common practice to apply sunscreen to your feet when not wearing socks outside.

When choosing a product, always use a waterproof blend on your feet. This is true even if you aren't planning to swim. The feet are more prone to sweating so if you choose an option that isn't waterproof, the sunscreen might fail.

Nail Polish

For most ladies, keeping their feet sandal ready during the summer means keeping their toes painted. While it's okay to wear nail polish, it is a good idea to give your nails a break every so often. In addition to weakening the nail and causing it to turn yellow, constantly wearing nail polish can also increase your risk of developing a painful toenail fungus.

When your nail is covered in polish, moisture that has collected in the nail bed isn't able to properly evaporate. This causes it to settle in the nail bed and eventually lead to an infection. Don't be afraid to give your toes a break from polish periodically.

Make sure you are keeping proper foot care a top priority all summer long for the best results.

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